3 Months to Guitar Independence

Finally… a step by step method with weekly feedback to get you playing guitar… regardless or your musical talent, your location, or your schedule. (with less than 3 hours of practice a week)


What if you could just pick up a guitar and play one of your favorite songs on a whim.

What if you knew enough of the fundamentals to choose your next song with confidence, and learn it on your own.

Introducing 3 Months to Guitar Independence, the only online beginner guitar course specifically designed for adults, which includes weekly feedback, and works with any schedule.

1000e2aTristan is such a great pedagogue, and really manages to keep you engaged, motivated and to give you the confidence you sometimes lack to go the next few chords  Noemie A.

I really did not see the 3 months go by. It feels like I started only yesterday. Except that now, I know how to play, sing and learn new songs with chords and everything.
Mathieu A – 3MGI Graduate

Tristan has taught me more than just a few songs. He has taught me how to apply the various techniques and process that we learned in the course to learn any song. I have already recommended this course to my family and friends.
Jason Y – 3MGI Graduate

Hi, I’m Tristan de Montebello

Tristan de Montebello

I founded AboutTheStart.com to help people like you learn new skills and get more from life.

My first mission is to teach 1000 adults how to play guitar.

In the past year, AboutTheStart.com has been featured in publications such as:


I came close to quitting guitar more than once

When I was learning guitar, I went through horrible teachers and came very close to quitting more than once. I only made it because I had a crazy amount of free time as a high school student and was lucky enough to meet friends who were as obsessed as I was at the time.

I took a difficult path littered with obstacles and false routes. I made every mistake in the book and had to backtrack many times.

Later, once I knew how to play, people started telling me that they wanted to learn guitar as well. They would ask if I could recommend a method, a teacher, a book, anything. I had neither.

In search of a solution that I could recommend to my friends, I bought every course and every book that had good reviews. I scoured the internet reading forums and websites that talked about the early days of guitar. I watched so many Youtube videos that I could recite the ads by heart. I consumed anything I could find on the topic.

I couldn’t recommend anything to my friends because I believed no one was doing it right.

It took me 10 years of analysis, deep thought, and research to distil the ingredients needed to lead a beginner to Guitar Independence. I built the course I wish I had when I started playing guitar. A course designed with only one thought in mind: getting every one of my students to Guitar Independence.

If there’s so much free material out there, why can’t you play guitar yet?

There’s never been this much free content. There are dozens of books on Amazon, thousands upon thousands of free videos on Youtube, hundreds of guitar apps for your phone, and so much more.


Yet you aren’t playing guitar, and you most likely have a few friends who’ve tried learning and haven’t made it.

Let me tell you something. It’s not your fault or your friend’s fault.ttk

Here’s the hard truth: Information alone is not enough.

Easy access to content has tricked us into thinking that we can learn a skill with one great piece. That simply isn’t the case.

If you’ve ever tried to learn guitar with Youtube, I’m willing to bet you’ve bumped into the “what next syndrome”.

It usually happens in 4 steps:

  1. Find a great first lesson video (get excited)
  2. Look for more videos (what should you learn next?)
  3. Get frustrated. (it’s hard to pick the right video)
  4. Quit and feel bad about yourself

Without a method you can rely on to lead you to where you are going, you will inevitably have to ask yourself: “Ok, so what do I need to learn next?”

If you happen to choose a video above your skill level (which will end up happening), you won’t know whether or not to persevere or backtrack.

This is why I built a very structured system. I don’t believe in throwing information out there and hoping someone will eventually get it.

When I was learning I wanted someone to do the hard work or finding out exactly what I should do next, how they could make it as fun as possible for me, and answer my questions if needed.

A Method for you to rely on 100%.

The 3 Months to Guitar Independence System is very strait-forward:

  1. A clear promise: Guitar Independence (More on that below)
  2. A clear timeframe: 12 weeks (though you can take more time if your schedule demands it)
  3. Variety: new content every day of the week.
  4. Accountability: Fun assignments every Friday.
  5. Human Feedback: get feedback for every assignment you send in.

When you follow a clear method, you don’t have to think about what to do next, all you have to do is trust the system and concentrate on the task at hand. All of the heavy lifting has already been done for you behind the scenes.

What does Guitar Independence look like

Here are the actionable outcomes I expect from anyone who completes the course.

After the course, you will be able to:

  • Comfortably manipulate a guitar: how to hold it, tune it, change strings, etc.
  • Sing and play at least two beautiful songs from beginning to end to an audience of your choice. Yes, a mini concert.
  • Have the tools to learn your next songs independently, and make them sound beautiful.

A note on Bar chords:


Bar chords are often talked about in beginner circles because of how hard they are to learn (It’s mostly a strength issue). Bar chords are incredibly valuable, though, as they can unblock hundreds of new songs for you.

I’ve included in the course my 4 week Bar Chord progression which will get you playing bar chords in the easiest and most entertaining way possible.


True independence as a new guitarist is to have all the tools needed to choose a song you love and learn it. That’s when guitar becomes really wonderful. It should be your one and only focus from the time you pick up a guitar until you make it to Independence.

Introducing:3 Months to Guitar Independence

Inside the 3MGI System

3 Months to Guitar Independence students get 12 weeks of daily content (5 days a week).

The course is designed for busy professionals. 25 minutes a day is all you need to go through all of the course content for the day including your practice. After those 25 minutes, it’s up to you if you’d like to spend more time or go on with your day, proud of your daily accomplishment.

Here’s a broad overview of how the course is built, and what your path to Guitar Independence will look like.

The Toolbox

As a member of 3MGI you get direct access to The Toolbox, where I keep the go to videos, such as:

  • What guitar should you have? (Perfect Beginner Guitar)
  • How does a guitar work? The very basics.
  • How to change a guitar string?
  • How to tune your guitar?

Here’s an example of a video you might find in the toolbox:

Week 1
  • By the end of the week, you’ll already know your first 2 chords
  • We’ll also tackle your first tune (and first assignment)
  • My Top 3 most powerful chord acquisition techniques
  • On Friday, you’ll be playing your first real song
  • Your weekly personal feedback
Week 2
  • Learn how to play on the beat using a metronome
  • Introduction to Rest Strums
  • Discover how to use a pick and learn your first lick
  • Learn how to read a TAB
  • Play along with another musician and feel what it’s like to make music (we’ll be doing this all along the course)
  • Your weekly personal feedback
Week 3
  • Learn how powerful chord pivots can be for fluid chord transitions
  • Nail strums and up strums: the basics of strumming without a pic
  • Self-assessment tips: what you should be looking at to make sure you improve fast.
  • Ask me anything: get feedback on anything we’ve done so far.
Show the whole 12 week curriculum
Week 4
  • New song: guitar is all about playing songs.
  • New chord: we keep building the foundations, one chord at a time.
  • Discover the magic of the CAPO and its multiple uses.
  • Introduction to your first strum, the ‘Crawler Strum’.
  • We break down this strum into smaller easier parts, and start with the ‘smaller crawler with chords transitions’.
  • Your weekly  personal feedback
Week 5
  • We move to the full Crawler Strum
  • The Strums Mimicking Game: a fun and useful exercise to build strumming dexterity.
  • No guitar finger exercise: strengthen your fingers for better playing even when you’re away from your guitar.
  • Another new chord. We keep adding to your chord quiver.
  • Violin play along: All along the course you will be playing to amazing guitar tracks (it feels like you’re part of a band). In this case, you get to play to a Violin. This one might be my favorite.
  • Choose your Dream Song: A huge part of being Guitar Independent is playing songs from start to finish. There’s no better motivation than to learn a song that YOU love. (We’ll choose it together to make sure the song is adequate for your current level)
  • Your weekly personal feedback
Week 6
  • Random Chord Transition Game: This is a great challenge and exercise to work on chord transitions. Games are a huge part of making the learning process exciting and keeping you motivated.
  • The Everywhere Strum: as you might guess by its name, this strum can be used in so many songs it’s ridiculous. A fantastic tool to have in your strumming quiver.
  • This week is very focused on your dream song and your strumming.
  • Your weekly personal feedback
Week 7 
  • More mimicking this week.
  • Everywhere Strum exercise: building confidence and precision with your strum
  • Lightning feather strum: a fantastic exercise to loosen your strumming hand, building ‘feel’ and ‘flow’.
  • Deconstructing your dream song (Step #1 in learning a song)
  • String Strum exercise: this will build precision in your strumming so that you can play only the strings you want to play while strumming (a common problem for beginners). 
  • Your weekly personal feedback
Week 8
  • The Mini Bar: Your first exercise in the Bar Chord Progression.
  • Playing Blind: challenge your senses.
  • 2 new chords: learn two chord variations that will be incredibly useful.
  • The 3 steps to learning a new song.
  • Step #2 of your Dream Song.
  • Your weekly personal feedback
Week 9
  • Power Chords with Danny: The second exercise in the Bar Chord Progression.
  • Listen to your song technique: this has quickly become a student favorite. It’s hugely powerful.
  • Lovely Strumming technique: a smooth and varied strum is a key element of any song. This great exercise will round the edges of your strumming.
  • Your weekly personal feedback
Week 10
  • Full Finger Bar: The 3rd exercise in the Bar Chord Progression.
  • An introduction to fingerpicking: such a lovely skill to have on guitar.
  • Your first fingerpicking song
  • What songs can you play with what you know?
  • Pick your second Dream Song
  • Your weekly personal feedback
Week 11
  • Guitar Independence Challenge #1: these challenges are meant to push you out of your comfort zone and nudge you towards true independence.
  • Your first real bar chord
  • Your second bar chord shape
  • The only music theory I’ll teach you (and how you can use your 2 bar chord shapes to make more than a dozen chords)
  • Hammer-ons: a very cool technique to change the feel of a note or chords
  • Guitar Independence Challenge #2.
  • Your weekly personal feedback
Week 12
  • Guitar Independence Challenge #3
  • Manual Tuning: even though I don’t recommend working on this in the early days, it’s a very useful tool to have in your quiver now that you’re an intermediate guitarist.
  • Bar Chord Rhythm Game: Now that you know your bar chords, let’s explore the range of what can be done.
  • What music does to your brain.
  • Using Hammer-ons with chords and strums.
  • Falling in love with the process: an essential skill at this stage of your learning.
  • Full overview of what you now know as an intermediate guitarist.
  • Your final personal feedback.
  • Finally, a 1-on–1 chat with Tristan.


Weekly feedback and assignments (this is huge)

You will get help and motivation every step of the way.


Personal feedback:

You won’t find this elsewhere.

Those with free services cannot afford to give personal feedback, and the ones who offer paid courses don’t want to do this because it doesn’t scale.

I think about this very differently. In my mind, if I get you to Guitar Independence in record time, you will tell your friends and send me more students. It’s a win-win.

When I get to a threshold where I can’t manage personal feedback anymore, I’ll bring in an amazing teacher to help me out and we’ll continue on our journey building the best beginner guitar course out there.

Weekly assignments:

Every Friday you will get a new assignment. I’ll ask you to send me a short audio or video recording and give you feedback based on that.

Assignments are a fantastic accountability tool. They’ve also turned out to be a great practice motivator since many students — especially in the second half of the course when we introduce you dream songs— want to record a version they are proud of.

Multiple takes means more deliberate practice and more attention to detail. A great mix.

Every single student who sent in their 12 assignments made it to Guitar Independence, regardless of their skill level at the start of the course.

Keep that in mind when you’re in the course and experience a dip in motivation. Just send in your assignment, and you’ll be setting yourself up for success. It’s really as simple as it sounds. Consistency beats everything else, every time.


Before starting 3 Months to Guitar Independence I didn’t even know how to hold a guitar, let alone play a cord. I can now feel how powerful music is, and how playing it is beyond rewarding. Andrew P.




I am proud of myself, of what I could reach within these three months.  Your 3MGI course has been among the best things I have decided to do in my entire life! (really!)

Peter M – 3MGI Graduate



3 Months to Guitar Independence

Is 3 Months to Guitar Independence a good fit for you?

This course is not for you if..

  • You expect to “magically” learn guitar without investing a minimum mount of time and effort (25 minutes a day, 5 days a week).
  • You aren’t willing to get out of your comfort zone.
  • You are only interested in heavy metal and wouldn’t agree to start with other styles.
  • You are currently deeply in debt (Even though investing in yourself and learning an instrument could be a great idea, you may be better off looking into cheaper options, or postponing if this means you will have to go deeper into debt).
  • You’re already at an intermediate level: you can play songs from start to finish, know most open chords, some bar chords, and can strum and sing at the same time (If this is the case, send me an email, and I’ll recommend better options).

3 Months to Guitar Independence is right for you if..

  • You’re ready to tick “Learned a musical instrument” off of you bucket list and want to stack the odds of succeeding in your favor.
  • You would love to be able to play songs for yourself, your kids, or your friends (a campfire maybe?).
  • You are a total beginner (never touched a guitar), or have basic knowledge but are struggling to reach independence (e.g. you know a few chords and maybe a strum, but playing and singing songs from start to finish is still a dream)
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and practice a minimum of 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week, to achieve your dream.
  • You agree to sing. This is not a course to learn how to sing BUT I believe it’s the best way to learn how to play guitar for many reasons we’ll talk about in the course. (Don’t worry if you think you don’t know how to sing, you’ll be surprised at what you can do).
  • You like acoustic “folky” music (such as Bob Dylan, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, and the likes).
  • You are at a time in your life where you are ready for more. Having a creative outlet such as guitar would be amazing.
  • You are willing to go out of your comfort zone.
  • You’re looking for a Method you can trust, not a bunch of random tactics.
  • You are ready to invest in building a better version of yourself.

ianA couple of weeks after choosing my first Dream Song I was playing and even singing it too. It’s thanks to Tristan and 3 Months to Guitar Independence that I get to spend most evenings trying to persuade my daughter that it’s now my turn on the guitar. Ian M – 3MGI Graduate

The System works

Every single student who went through the full 12 weeks of 3 Months to Guitar Independence and sent in their assignments made it to Guitar Independence.

It’s that simple. Trust the system, do what’s asked of you (everyone can do it), and you will know how to play guitar.

I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Before starting Tristan’s course I had bought 4 guitar’s and learned how to play none of them. Two weeks ago I had the whole room of friends singing arms of a woman with me. It was unreal. Jason Y – 3MGI Graduate

maudI can’t believe I’ve come this far in just 3 short months.

Just imagine, 3 months from now you will be able to play some of your all-time favourite songs in front of family and friends, singing and strumming away happily. Maud V.

Maud V – 3MGI Graduate


Yes, you have other options

Free route (0$)

Many individual Youtube videos are outstanding, but one great video is not enough. Far from it.

You’ll be left on the sidelines wondering why you feel so frustrated. I know dozens of beginners who only know the first few notes of a bunch of songs.

Book/ebook route (12$–49$)

If you are a beginner, stay away from this at all costs. Books aren’t a suitable medium for learning an instrument if you are a beginner. Too much of the early days rely on hearing, watching, and imitating for a book to be enough.

The only scenario where books are a good idea is when you’re going through one with your teacher.

Never try this alone as a beginner or you are guaranteed to fail.

Do Nothing (0$)

This is tempting, isn’t it? To postpone one more time…

It’s a safe bet: I can guarantee you won’t be playing guitar in 3 months if you choose this route!

Or you could take action instead. There is no right time. It’s up to you to make the time right. You can choose today to make a difference in your life, one you’ll be proud of for years and years to come.

Buy a different course (15$–1000$)

I have yet to find a truly great beginner course (there are fantastic intermediate and advanced courses out there).

You need a very unique approach when teaching beginners. Most courses I’ve seen (and I’ve purchased many) can’t be focused on their students success.

  • In most cases they offer too much content and too little structure which can get overwhelming for a beginner.
  • they go too slow at first and too fast later in the course.
  • worst of all, they don’t include human interaction or feedback. A key element for beginners.
Private lessons

There are great teachers, but how do you find the right one? What if they don’t live next to you? Would you have the time to drive to them twice a week for months?

For most of us –especially those who don’t live in the bigger cities– finding a teacher who specializes in teaching beginners, has a great track record, and lives close is tough enough. Getting that to fit our budget and schedule is nearing an impossible task.

For the sake of it, let’s take a look at how much a private teacher would cost if you were aiming to get the same results as my students, in a similar amount of time.

My students get 1 to 3 videos a day for the full 12 weeks, with very targeted exercises and challenges (in addition to the weekly assignments & feedback).

To match this you will need to hire a private tutor at least twice a week, for the 12 weeks. In addition to these sessions, your teacher will have to give you targeted homework for days where you are not together.

Depending on what country and city you live in, a top guitar teacher will charge anywhere from 35$/h to 65$/h for private lessons (sometimes up to 100$/h).

At two sessions a week for 3 months, you’d be paying anywhere from 840$ to 1560$.



praveenThis course did very much live up to its billing – getting to guitar independence. After several weeks, I felt that I got more than my money’s worth.

I would recommend this course to those who have wanted to play guitar for a long time but don’t know where to get started. – Praveen T – 3MGI Graduate


My Guarantee to you

TRY “3MGI” FOR A FULL 30-DAYS, 100% RISK-FREEmoneyback

Try the course for a full month, and if it isn’t a good fit for you, I’ll give you your money back.

That’s how confident I am that you will not only love the course, but also be amazed at your own progress.

You can ask for your money back anytime during the first 4 weeks (30 days). I’ll even pay for the credit card processing fees.

Which option is right for you?

3MGI Pro

12 Monthly Payments of 49$
(1.6$ per day)

– Weekly Feedback on assignments
– Full Bar Chord progression (week 8-12)
– Lifetime access
– 1 private Skype session (to work on anything you want)
– A personal video feedback (breaking down your dream song)


Save 109$ – Pay in full

If you have any questions, please call or text 310 795 3741.
Email support

3MGI Elite

12 Monthly Payments of 79$
(2.6$ per day)

– Weekly Feedback on assignments
– Full Bar Chord progression (week 8-12)
– Lifetime access
– 1 private Skype session (to work on anything you want)
– A personal video feedback (breaking down your dream song)


Save 149$ – Pay in full

If you have any questions, please call or text 310 795 3741.
Email support


3MGI light
12 Monthly Payments of 29$ (0.9$ per day)


Save 59$ – Pay in full

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

Short answer: whenever you’re ready.
Long(er) answer: You have lifetime access to the course. Whenever you decide to start is perfect.

My recommendation is to choose a start date where you are ready to commit to 25 minutes per day, 5 days a week.

I’m afraid I might not have enough time.

You will be fine. You will be part of a close-knit group of highly motivated students who are making a long-time dream come true.  The course is designed to be intrinsically rewarding and fun which will help you keep your practice a habit. You WILL be amazed at what you can produce after only a few weeks. That alone is a huge motivator.

I ask for 25 minutes a day (including the time you take to watch the videos).  The point is to sit down and practice as consistently as possible. If you are under the weather and can only put in 5 minutes, it will be better than not touching your guitar that day. Sometimes 5 minutes of perfect practice can be worth more than 30 minutes of messing around.

What if I fall behind?

Don’t you worry, you can finish the course in 4,5,6 months if that’s what works for you (if you join the course today, you will automatically get lifetime access).

This is a common fear that is very natural to experience. You might be afraid that you won’t be good enough, or will be discouraged if you can’t maintain the pace.

The first few weeks are essential. They are high paced, challenging, and incredibly exciting. But that’s the biggest bump to get over. If you can commit to practicing for those first weeks, you will have built the momentum necessary to follow through.

Keep in mind that the entire course is built around behavioral psychology and designed to keep you excited and motivated.

We start learning actual songs in the first week. There is no bigger motivator than to see yourself succeeding, and this will happen fast.

If you do miss a few days or even a week, you will be fine.

I have no intention of leaving anybody behind.

What if I try and decide it’s not right for me.

Not a problem. Just send me an email in the first 30 days and I’ll send you your money back. I’ll even cover the Credit Card processing fees myself.

I have zero musical talent

Great. Let’s start building that talent right away!

Practice always trumps talent. You may sing off tune and be rhythmically challenged, if you practice daily you will make it to Guitar Independence. In extreme scenarios, it could mean taking a bit more time to master certain techniques, but I promise you that following the method will get you there.

Don’t forget you’ll get weekly feedback from me. You aren’t alone.

I’m scared I might fail. I don’t know if I’m good enough.

You are good enough.

Take a look at these student testimonials. If they can do it, you can. I’m always close by to help you if needed.

This course is not about talent, nor is it about natural ability. If you follow the course and trust the system, you WILL reach Guitar Independence.

If you are hesitating because you aren’t sure you have what it takes, please take a moment to think back on a skill that once seemed impossible to you but now seems like a second nature. We all have at least one. It could be anything, learning how to ride a bike, draw, write a report, learn excel, photoshop, html, php, photography, etc.

Before you started, you were awful. You couldn’t even imagine how one could do this. But now you can breeze through it and it’s actually pleasant.

It will be the same for guitar. The perceived difficulty is only an illusion. You are going to play for the rest of your life. What is 3 months compared to that?

I want to teach you. In fact, I can’t wait to teach you. 3 months from now you will be a guitarist. You’ve waited years for this. The idea of there being a “better time” is mostly a lie we tell ourselves. Now is a good time to invest in yourself and cross this item off your bucket list.

Tristan is really good at motivating me. It appears every details were thought to give me confidence in my capacity to improve myself. Mathieu A – 3MGI Graduate

I would recommend this to anyone who has somewhat limited time or even just a weird schedule,  and who wants to move on from the end of the course confident that they can play a few songs, perhaps some of their favorites, and has the foundation to learn thousands more. Christopher C – 3MGI Graduate

“3 Months to Guitar Independence” is absolutely fantastic from start to finish. No matter who you are- mother of children, soccer player, chef, old/young, busy or not busy- no matter if you have ever picked up an instrument in your life I will tell you one thing. This class is for YOU. Trust me, I know because after three quick and painless months I am now guitar independent. Just kidding about painless, your fingertips will feel some pain…a good pain! Jonathan Y – 3MGI Graduate

Choose which version of 3 Months to Guitar Independence is right for you

3MGI Pro

12 Monthly Payments of 49$
(1.6$ per day)

– Weekly Feedback on assignments
– Full Bar Chord progression (week 8-12)
– Lifetime access
1 private skype session (to work on anything you want)
– A personal video feedback (breaking down your dream song)


Save 109$ – Pay in full

If you have any questions, please call or text 310 795 3741.
Email support

3MGI Elite

12 Monthly Payments of 79$
(2.6$ per day)

– Weekly Feedback on assignments
– Full Bar Chord progression (week 8-12)
– Lifetime access
– 1 private Skype session (to work on anything you want)
– A personal video feedback (breaking down your dream song)


Save 149$ – Pay in full

If you have any questions, please call or text 310 795 3741.
Email support


3MGI light
12 Monthly Payments of 29$ (0.9$ per day)


Save 59$ – Pay in full


NOTE: you may be asked to create a Paypal account to save your credentials for the monthly installments. You will go through 2 steps:
1/ Save your information (since there are 3 payments)
2/review your payment.
You’ll then see “Your purchase was successful”.