Can You Guess What This Student is Doing Wrong (guitar)

This post comes from a 2-part series from my newsletter. Last week I asked you to listen to a 15-second recording of one of my students playing guitar. Your mission was to guess what he was doing wrong. If you didn’t do it last week, give it a quick try before reading on. This is […]

This Will Change the Way You See Bodybuilders Forever.

When I was 12 or 13 years old, I remember switching channels to a bodybuilding competition. I’d never seen bodies like that before. I was fascinated. They looked so strong! I called my parents over, showed them the men on the TV, and asked them how I could get strong too. I did not get […]

The Illusion of Tomorrow

I’m constantly surprised at how fast 3 months can go by. The older I get, the truer this feels. I blink, and here we are, 90 days later. It’s so easy to let those weeks go by without changing the routine, without challenging yourself, without giving life a nudge. Nobody wants their life to stay […]

We’ve All Done This. Did We Understand the Consequences?

This is a short 4 minute read. But an important one. It was a sunny afternoon in Corsica when we decided to go for a swim. Instead of driving to a beach, we chose to take a shorter path through a series of big rocks that extend all the way to the water. Most of […]