Learn a Cool Trick From a High-Level Circus Performer

On a sunny afternoon in June, my friend Andrew and I met up with Emmet Louis, an ex Circus Performer turned coach, to learn about object manipulation and other interesting skills. Emmet watched us fumble as we tried to perform a simple exercise: Hold a ball in one hand, hold your other hand out, without moving […]

The Best Way to Learn a New Chord [video]

Learning a new chord sucks. If you’ve ever tried to play guitar, you’ve had to go through the rocky road of chord acquisition. when done wrong it can be slow, painful, and worst of all, it can hold you back from learning a song you love. What if there was a way to accelerate the process, a […]

Making up funny stories to boost retention rate 400%

An actual sign in Nara, Japan. Beware of dear ninjas? We were planning on spending a month and a half in Japan later on that year, and I knew that having a basic understanding of the language would greatly improve my experience in the country. It is very common to encounter street signs or restaurant […]

How Much Should I practice Daily ?

This article used to be called “Why 20 minutes a day is better than 3 hours once a week” but a friend of mine pointed out that most of you would ignore the post thinking the advice seemed too obvious. I’ve rethought and rewritten the article which now pinpoints a counterintuitive tip that will make […]