How Does a Guitar Work?

I’m fascinated by activities that paralyze absolute beginners.


Guitar is one of them. Someone who has never played will often feel very awkward just holding the instrument, and worse when trying to play a single note.

Many activities share this trait. Cooking or handiwork are two great examples I think of a lot.

You might have experienced the following scenario a while back where someone, usually your mother, would ask you to check if a certain food was cooked. You being completely illiterate in the kitchen would immediately panic:

“HOW WILL I KNOW?!!” “What does that even mean?!!”

To which she usually would answer: “you will know”. Which in turn would drive you even more crazy.

But we aren’t here to talk about cooking, or my childhood, are we?

Today I’d like to share two videos with you which are part of my upcoming course, 3 Months to Guitar Independence.

The first is a short 2 minute video where I explain the basics of how and why a guitar works. You will never be ignorant again:

The second video is for those of you who recognized themselves in the first lines of this email. The absolute beginners.

Grab a guitar, because in under 8 minutes you are going to learn your first tune. Ready to sing the blues?

Coming up next, an article where we talk about Talent vs Practice. Who has a better chance of making it to guitar independence? The student who is “naturally talented” with music, and cruises through the first week, or the one who has a harder time?

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  1. Already have a numb fingertip and filed nails. This must be s good sign.

  2. Great method of learning, by breaking it into pieces.


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